Worldschooling and Homeschooling

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We started out as traditional schoolers and quickly fell in love with homeschooling and unschooling during COVID.  We’ve worked hard and planned, and now we are so fortunate to be Worldschooling.  Our children are learning by living in the real world, rather than encaged in the four walls of a school.

Need some inspiration, Worldschooling help, ideas and how-to’s?


Its important to prepare your children thoughtfully for big life changes.

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What is Worldschooling? How do I do it?

Worldschooling is simply using the world around you to educate your children (and yourself).  Learning is not a child’s game, it belongs to all humans, and can be exciting at any age.

If you click above on our Worldschooling and Homeschooling articles page, we will give you a window into how we do Worldschooling. How we manage to incorporate all the things that kids “need” to know into our world travels and adventures.

Reading up on Learning, Homeschooling and Worldschooling

If you are just dipping your toes into alternative forms of schooling, I highly recommend the following book list:

Here is the KEY I have learned to turning your kids into lovers of learning, while Worldschooling or Homeschooling: LEARN WITH THEM. MODEL LEARNING FIRST, WITHOUT THE EXPECTATION THEY WILL FOLLOW. When they do follow, ENJOY IT, but let them pull back whenever they want. They’ll come back again, I promise.

Some of our Favorite Worldschooling & Homeschooling Moments

(all child led, no coersion)

  1. Learning about each body system (I printed some info off Teachers Pay Teachers, at the request of my children).  Then we put each system of the body on these poster boards as we learned about them.  Fantastic show to watch in this genre: Operation Ouch (youtube).

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2. We talk about finances, money management and budgeting often. We are also a family of business owners, so my kids can’t help but have business talk around them ALL. THE. TIME.  What is a homeschooling kid to do? Create their own business! This is the first idea PinkLady had, about 3 years ago.  Since then she has sold greeting cards, slime, hand thrown pottery, home made salad dressing, and more at a variety of makers markets.

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3. We take learning outside, most of the time. Whenever the kids have an idea and grab their sketchbooks, papers, pencils, reading books, etc I always encourage them to head outside. Atlanta, our home base, is a HOT place, and homeschooling isn’t always easy to do outside in the humidity. But, as often as possible we learn in nature. Thats why Worldschooling is so much fun, and so easy to incorporate into our lives. I find it greatly reduces any frustrations that arise, allows for lots of movement and physical release, and makes things more fun! A comfortable and waterproof picnic blanket that zips back together easily is also a must!

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4. Remember, get silly with them! Learning is fun and doesnt have to be stressful. Thats why I love Worldschooling. I learn along with them, and they can see how interested and engaged with the world everyone can be, at any age!

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