Where To Stay in Barbados with Kids

Where to Stay in Barbados with Kids

BeachDad has been spending vacations in Barbados for almost 40 years, no joke! His mother is from the Island, and he has been lucky enough to get to know Barbados like a local. As a family, we often spend time here, and have learned how to stay, eat, and explore on a budget. Now, Barbados is not cheap! But there are ways to make your stay less expensive and comfortable. Let start with where you might stay.

Below I have outlined multiple options for all budgets. If you prefer to go the AirBnb route, make sure you look for the part of the Island below that you want to be in. We prefer the Accra/Rockley Beach area when traveling with kids.

Where to Stay in Barbados with Kids

There are a myriad of hotels, studios, all inclusives, luxury resorts and apartments that you can choose from when you travel to Barbados with kids.  If you are looking for high luxury, then move on over to the East Coast. If you want to live like a local, but still be comfortable in Barbados with kids, then stay on the south coast.

Hint: You don’t need to worry about how to get around. Barbados has cheap and safe taxi service that you can get anywhere on the island. If you plan to explore Barbados with kids, then you can also rent a car easily through a variety of sites.  For the more adventurous families, ask for a “Moke,” an open air vehicle. Remember: in Barbados, you drive on the left side of the road!

The Best Places to Stay in Barbados with Kids

Luxury on the East Coast

The Crane

When traveling to Barbados with kids, you will find all the luxuries and amenities you need at The Crane.  Beautiful architecture at the Caribbean’s oldest hotel, stunning pools and grounds, and service like no other is what you will find here.  Staying in Barbados with kids couldn’t get easier, with a kids club, onsite dining and groceries, onsite shopping and a variety of suites and junior suites.

Be forewarned, the Crane Beach is beautiful, but has a steep and rocky walkway down to the water.  As a result, the water here is rough with a decent current, so if you are looking to swim in calm waters in Barbados with kids, I suggest some other beach options below.

To visit The Crane just for the day, you can purchase a $25 biwi day pass (about $12.50 US), eat a one of the delicious restaurants, and enjoy the pools and beach.  Tip: call ahead to check their COVID policies for day-pass holders.

Comfort on the South Coast/Accra Beach

Accra Beach Hotel & Spa

If you prefer to visit Barbados with kids and stay at a hotel, The Accra Beach hotel is essentially the place to stay. This hotel is on my favorite beach, and across the street from local restaurants, surf shops, and a pharmacy.  Just a 5 minute walk to your left on the main road are adorable womens boutiques and shops.

Acra Beach Hotel in barbados

The pool at the Accra Beach Hotel is perfect for kids and families, with a variety of inlets and mini waterfalls.  Eating in Barbados with kids is especially easy here, with multiple dining options on site, a pool bar and sand bar, and a myriad of local eats across the street.

The beach here is technically called Rockley Beach (if you’re a local), or Accra Beach, if you’re searching online. This is where the famous and newly renovated boardwalk starts, which is perfect for a sunrise or sunset stroll, walk or run.

Full Efficiency on the South Coast/Accra Beach

Magic Isle Apartments

Magic Isle Hotel Barbados

This hidden gem may not look like much online, but take my word for it, it is a top location for Barbados with kids.  When our kids were younger and more picky eaters, this is where we stayed year after year.  If you prefer a full efficiency apartment where you can grocery shop and cook some meals, The Magic Isle is the place to be.  Each apartment has the option of 1 or 2 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms.  Cleaning happens daily with fresh towels as needed. The closet space here is fantastic! So settle in and enjoy for as long as you can.

The Magic Isle has a basic pool, perfect for cooling off when the beach gets tiresome or following your afternoon rest.

Across the road you will find the same pharmacy, local eats, and surf shops as mentioned above, as well as beautiful shopping and boutiques just a 5 minute walk away.

As mentioned above, this beach is my favorite spot on the island for a long day in the sun, and is the beginning point for Barbados’ recent boardwalk extension.

Keep reading below for the most delicious local beach food here, and discover some of the treasures along the boardwalk. If you want to visit Barbados like a local, then our posts will tell you all you need to know!

Rent an Apartment on the South Coast

Finally, there are hundreds of apartments, cottages and rental properties just across the street or a short walk from Rockley/Accra Beach.  Search Airbnb, VRBO, or FlipKey for the best deals and locations. Again, stay close to Accra Beach for access to all the food you need, the best beach on the island, and easy access to local spots.

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