Things to do in Barbados-Unique Adventures

Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures in Barbados with Kids

I hate going to beautiful places, feeling like a tourist, and paying top dollar for adventures I could engineer myself.  When you go to Barbados with kids, you can count on these true, local suggestions for your adventure.  Read on to truly enjoy off the beaten path adventures in Barbados, and the top things to do in Barbados. If you’d like more info on where to stay, where to eat, and other local info check out our other Barbados posts.

Things to do in Barbados #1:

Richard Haynes Boardwalk (on Accra Beach)

There are so many things to do in Barbados, especially when it comes to strolling on the beach.  When in Barbados with kids, the newly renovated Richard Haynes Boardwalk is the best spot for sunrise and sunset strolls, runs and walks with the family.  If you are staying on the south coast, I suggest starting at the Magic Isle Apartments, and walking towards The Soco Hotel.  The Boardwalk is directly on the sand, with treasures to be found along the way.  Shells, turtle nesting sites, the turtle rescue center and more.  Walking along the Boardwalk in Barbados with kids will take about 30 minutes in one direction.

Things to do in Barbados #2:

Go on an Island Tour

If you were to pick one thing to do in Barbados, this is it. For the most local experience, and cost effective planning in Barbados with kids, head to the closest taxi stand.  Bargain with a driver to take you around the island for the day.  Pay cash for the best price. Make sure your driver can recommend the best swimming spots for you to stop, as well as local fruit stands and eats.

The ideal itinerary for Barbados with kids: Start on the South Coast, go up the west coast, and back down the east coast.  You will hit Bridgetown, the main downtown shopping district and harbor. On another day, you can spend time shopping and exploring the downtown area, or charter a ride on a beautiful Catamaran.

Make sure to stop on the west coast to see Port St. Charles Marina for beautiful views and Sandy Lane Hotel and Beach.

TravelMom and BeachDad at Northpoint Barbados

Then, stop at Northpoint.  This is the spot where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic Ocean.  A must see spot is the Animal Flower Cave, but be careful navigating the steep steps.  There is also an easy walkway along the top of the cliffs where you can watch the giant waves as they crash against the cliff sides.

Come down the east coast, where you can stop at The Crane Resort.  If you purchase a day pass, about $12.50 per person, you can eat in luxury and walk the private beach. The pools here are fantastic!

Things to do in Barbados #3:

Visit Bridgetown, the Downtown Shopping District

bridgetown barbados

When looking for things to do in Barbados that aren’t necessarily beach related, hear to Bridgetown. Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and has the look and feel of a typical downtown district.  You can shop, eat, and see the beautiful harbor. You can easily spend half a day, away from the sun here.  Barbados with kids is safe, and that includes the downtown area. Always use common sense, though, and keep valuables on your person and to a minimum.

Things to do in Barbados #4:

Take a Catamaran Ride

Catamaran in barbados

Book a lunch & snorkel tour on any of the fantastic Catamaran lines. Our favorites have been The Silver Moon, for luxury, The Cool Runnings, for an extra dose of Island fun, and the Tiami for families.

Things to do in Barbados #5:

Visit Caves & Ride in a Submarine

Harrison’s Cave & Atlantis Submarine Tour: Adventure underwater on the Atlantis Submarine and through Harrison’s Cave, a beautiful crystallized limestone cavern of wonder! Tours will take about half a day, and are the perfect reprieve from the hot sun. There are so many unique things to do in Barbados!

Things to do in Barbados #6:

Get Up Close with the WildLife

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve ​​allows you to visit Barbados with kids and stroll freely among the animals. Caribbean birds, monkeys and reptiles can be seen, with only the most dangerous of predators behind safe enclosures.

Things to do in Barbados #7:

Watch a Real Horse Race

The Garrison in Barbados

The Garrison Savannah is the spot for things to do in Barbados with kids.  Housing the Barbados Turf Club, established in 1905, your family can enjoy live, professional horse racing year round.  There are 185 races annually!  Check the Garrison website for other exciting events, such as the Independence day parade, fireworks displays, kite flying competitions, soccer games, and more.

Things to do in Barbados #8:

Snorkel the Coral Reefs & Shipwrecks

A family friendly hidden gem in Barbados with kids are the beautiful snorkeling sites.  For both professionals and beginners we recommend Carlisle Bay, home to shipwrecks which have formed an artificial coral reef.  Beautiful marine life has found a home here, including turtles, octopus, rays, sea horses and a colorful array of fish.

snorkeling shipwrecks in barbados

Things to do in Barbados with kids wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the FolkStone Museum & Marine park.  With spots for experienced and novice divers and snorkelers, this is the spot to explore in Barbados with kids.  The famous Stavronikita shipwreck can be found 120 feet below the water, surrounded by the most incredible coral reef and vibrantly colored marine life.

Things to do in Barbados #9:

Visit Old Historical Sites

Synagogue in Barbados

Barbados is home to a unique variety of religious and historical sites, including Churches, Synagogues and Mosques.

The recently restored Nidhe Yisrael Synagogue and museum is located in the Synagogue Historic District.  Archeologists recently excavated and restored underground gravesites, mikvah’s and homes from the 16th and 17th centuries.  Gravesites from the 1400’s can be seen adjacent to the parking lot.

Barbados boasts approximately 60 churches that are over 100 years old.  When visiting Barbados with kids, stop by the oldest site of worship on the island, St. James Parrish Church.

Mosque in Barbados

The Madina Masjid has served the Muslim Bajan community for almost 60 years. It is a beautiful limestone structure, nestled in the heart of downtown.