Long Term Travel

Considering Long Term Travel

With Your Family?

Full time traveling was not something we had ever thought possible for our little family. If you’ve read about us, and how we decided to change the trajectory of our lives, you’ll know that we are as traditional as they come. Or at least, we were. These days, our family prefers to home educate, which often means thoughtful unschooling, and sometimes means homeschooling or worldschooling. We also decided to prioritize traveling and family experiences over having the big house, new car, and all the stuff.

Below, you will find my most useful and practical tips to share on long-term traveling. Find out whether long term travel, full time travel, or shorter trips might be best for your family and situation. I’ll share how we afford to travel so much (it isn’t because we make tons of money!), and specific details on making some unique changes for your family’s future!

  • Traveling Full Time as a Family: How to Prepare Your Kids for Leaving

    Preparing your kids to leave their home and travel full time as a family can be difficult. Our family has done it, and now we’ve made a step by step guide for you!

  • Your Guide to Choosing a Curriculum While Traveling

    Your Guide to Choosing a Curriculum While Traveling

    The ultimate guide to choosing a curriculum while your family travels. If you want to travel the world as a family, how can you ensure your children are learning what they need to know? If you are unsure about whether to choose a curriculum, or how else you can school, this is the post for…

  • Worldschooling: How We Worldschool 2023

    Wondering how to homeschool while traveling? It’s easy. Much easier that you might think. Here’s how we make it work for our family and the specific materials and resources we use.

  • Becoming a Global Citizen (and not just a tourist)

    What’s the difference between being a tourist and truly becoming a Global Citizen? Traveling the World with your family should be so much more than just a vacation.

  • How Much Does Worldschooling Cost?

    Worldschooling can be cheap! If you made it here, you are already halfway to Worldschooling.  But how much does worldschooling cost? Making the mental leap to get comfortable with worldschooling, or homeschooling while traveling, is the first hurdle. Have you pictured what it might be like? How you will structure your Worldschooling day to incorporate……

  • Worldschooling, or educating your children while traveling the world, can take many forms. Here is our explanation of what Worldschooling is, how we do it and the many ways your family can do it too!