The Top 3 Beaches in Barbados

The Top Three Beaches in Barbados

We’ve written many posts on visiting Barbados with kids. Where to stay, where to eat, local information you must know, and more! BeachDad has been visiting Barbados for over 40 years. His mother is from the Island, and we’ve had the pleasure of vacationing there as a couple and with kids for many years. Barbados can get expensive, and my posts will help you to explore this beautiful paradise on a budget!

One of the best ways to stick to a budget in Barbados is to visit the local beaches (free!). If you decided to stay in an apartment or condo, like we do, you can easily pack a lunch and spend the day at the beach. If you do want an easy local lunch, head to Accra/Rockley beach where you can find fresh fish and sides at your fingertips.

What Beaches You Should Visit in Barbados with Kids

The paradise island of Barbados is a top destination for families and couples.  We have visited dozens of times, and have posted previously about our family’s history with the Island. 

We recommend THREE best beaches. There are so many more, but these are our favorite with the kids.

Barbados Beach #1: Rockley Beach / Accra Beach

Rockley/Accra beach is hands down our favorite of the beaches in Barbados.  This is the beach we like to stay on when in Barbados with kids. Read our post about where to stay in Barbados.  Accra beach boasts especially white sand, crystal clear water, a medium amount of waves and water fun, which is just right for body surfing, boogie boarding and swimming with the kids. 

You can rent umbrellas and chairs, but I doubt you will need them! Walking along this stretch of beach takes only about 15 minutes, with an incredible amount of local food, drinks and beach hut shopping available. At the far end of the beach (away from the boardwalk side) you will find shallow inlets and rocky outposts for the kids to explore and wade in. 

At the other end, the famous and newly renovated boardwalk begins. Read our post about the best adventures in Barbados for more on the boardwalk.

It is across the road from a dozen local restaurants and smoothie/ice cream shops, a pharmacy and surf shop.

Barbados Beach #2: Carlisle Bay

Found on the south coast this beach is GORGEOUS and a top spot for snorkeling. Our second favorite of the beaches in Barbados, Carlisle Bay is perfect for a day trip.  See our Adventures in Barbados post for more information on snorkeling the shipwrecks and reefs here.

Visit this beach in Barbados to walk for miles on white powder, enjoy the beauty of the anchored boats, and swim in calm, crystal clear waters.  The best day-spot in Barbados with kids, the water has almost no waves and no current. 

Further along the beach, you can rent chairs, or go to the BoatYard Club for access to water trampolines and slide and all the adventurous water sports you can imagine.  

Barbados Beach #3: Sandy Beach

Sandy Lane beach in barbados

Our third favorite of the beaches in Barbados, Sandy Lane Beach is a wide beach with plenty of space between the land and water.  When in Barbados with kids, you can walk out into the water for hundreds of feet with your kids without the worry of crashing waves and currents.  Chair rentals and restaurant dining is available, as well as beach huts with typical shopping, such as beach toys, sarongs, hats and shirts.

How to Get Around in Barbados

If you’ve read our other posts on Barbados, you will know that getting around is easy! You can walk many places from Accra/Rockley beach. You can also take a taxi anywhere on the Island, or you can rent a car. For the most fun rent a “moke,” which is what Bajan’s call an open air car. It’s well worth it!

Where to Stay, Eat, & Play in Barbados

Check out our posts on where to stay, where to eat, and off-the-beaten-path adventures in Barbados. You definitely don’t need a tour or guide, and you can easily enjoy all the Island has to offer. There are a variety of accommodations, from budget to luxury, as well! Our favorite thing to eat in Barbados is fish cakes with mayo and hot sauce. Give it a try!