Where to Eat in Barbados

Finally, the best eats in Barbados are no longer a secret! If you need to hear it from a local, then you can take it from me. As a local by marriage, I promise that the best eats in the Caribbean can be found in beautiful Barbados.

Barbados is essentially the most beautiful of the eastern Caribbean islands.  It is especially safe, boasts stunning beaches both calm and rough, and is the easiest family vacation you will ever take.  As a result, Barbados with kids is the ultimate vacation for old and young alike.  

Local food from barbados

Where to Eat in Barbados with Kids

As has been noted in our posts about where to stay in Barbados, the best luxury meals can be found at The Crane. That being said, if you are in Barbados with kids and you want to eat like a local, here are my top recommendations.

Where to Eat in Barbados #1: Quayside Mall

quayside mall in barbados

Some of the best eats in Barbados can be found across the street from Rockley/Accra beach.  Quayside mall is essentially an outdoor, open air shopping center that houses a fish grill, pizza restaurant, smoothie bar, all-day breakfast spot, and much, much more.  This is an easy spot for a quick bite to eat with the family. Finally an easy eating spot to return to day after day with the kids.

Get your morning starting with a smoothie from Raw Juice.  In the evening, Chilly Moo’s is the best way to cool with delicious ice cream, following your dinner from Just Grillin’, which offers healthy, home made dinners of grilled fish, meats, veggies, and sides.

Where to Eat in Barbados #2: Rockley/Accra Beach Eats

For daytime eats in Barbados, take a short walk along Accra Beach itself, right off the public parking lot, and you’ll find fresh made fish cakes, chicken & rice, and black eyed peas. Ask for a “bread and 2.” You can expect get two fresh fried fish cakes inside a salt bread with hot sauce and mayo.  Best meal for replenishing your energy on the beach. Even kids who “don’t like fish” will love this treat!

Where to Eat in Barbados #3: Evening Hot Spot

fishermen barbecuing fish in barbados

Hands down the best eats in Barbados, Oistens Fish Fry is located on the south coast in the Christ Church area.  You’ll find the absolute best fresh fish fry in the Caribbean.  Finding the best eats in Barbados with kids has never been more local and delicious.

Here you will find dozens of local fishermen grilling their fresh caught marlin, mahi-mahi, swordfish and more.  Plates come with grilled potatoes, corn, cole slaw and salad.  You can sit with the whole family on one of the picnic benches and many nights enjoy the entertainment of local steel bands. Friday nights and weekends are the most popular and lively.

Where to Eat in Barbados #4: Local Fast Food with a Healthy Twist

outside of chefettes in barbados

The local fast food joint, Chefettes, is divided into two sections.  One side has typical fast food and soft serve ice cream.  The other side boasts warm, home cooked meals and a fresh salad bar.  I highly recommend this for an easy and cheap dinner out when looking for the best eats in Barbados with kids.

Where to Eat in Barbados #5: Indian Grill in the Islands

Close up of a roti from the indian grill in barbados

Indian Grill, found between Browne’s Beach and Pebbles Beach, boasts the most delicious Roti you will ever eat in your lifetime.  I will save you the trouble of figuring out where to eat in Barbados. Our family’s top recommendation is the chicken & potato roti.  I kid you not, our 5 year old loved this the best and still talks about this meal 5 years later.

Where to Eat in Barbados #6: St. Lawrence Gap for Teens and Nightlife Seekers

Finally on to the evening eats.  St. Lawrence Gap is a hip night time spot to explore and enjoy some local culture.  Here you will find busy nightlife and clubs, restaurants, and local artisans selling their wares. Go early with the kids, before the night gets too rowdy.  Warning: The area is fun, but touristy. You’ll need to be prepared for mediocre food with a fun vibe.

When You Just Need Groceries

The largest and most convenient grocery store is Massey.  Just 10 minutes from Rockley/Accra beach, you can stock up on all the basics you need while visiting Barbados with Kids. The grocery stores there are essentially similar to those in the US, slightly smaller and with some different varieties of food. Furthermore, you will find everything you need for your kids to feel at home with their food needs.

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