About Us

Who Are We?

Hello! Welcome to the Worldschooling Family Travel blog! Our family started out as a pretty regular American family, with Bram and I working typical location-dependent jobs. Our kids were in traditional school through 2nd grade, and we were on the path to living a happy, albeit slightly boring, life.

Our goal is to live a life full of world travel, outdoor family experiences, & unique adventures, and continue to nurture a love of learning in our kids. We will share with you the destinations we love, how to Worldschool your children, and the travel gear we use daily. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter here and never miss an update! Our downloadable guides will help to make your family’s journey simple.

How Did Our Travel Journey Begin?

Deciding to sell everything, travel the world, and educate our children along the way is one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever made. While every family’s situation is different, I’ll give you a little insight into what led up to our decision.  We hope this lifestyle will continue to be everything we imagined, and we feel grateful to spend so much time adventuring together. For us, family comes first! Read here about how we prepared our children for the big change.

Get To Know Our Family


Born in South Africa, raised in Atlanta, Ga. I’m the crazy one behind our family’s decision to homeschool and world travel! I am most defined by “mom” at the moment, and can sometimes lose myself in that title. Im a strong introvert, which can be challenging as a traveler. I love reading, planning, learning new things, eating delicious food that I don’t have to cook, and losing track of time in nature. I hate small talk, and. am not as adventurous as I hope to be. My current goals are to get out of my comfort zone more, bring you high quality travel content and inspiration, and to connect with other moms who long for more, like me!


Born in snowy Montreal, Quebec, Bram grew up skiing, playing hockey and rooting for the Canadiens. His mother is from Barbados, where he spent much of his childhood vacations, and his father from Chile. His happy place is floating in a clear blue ocean. He is an awesome dad and somehow agrees to my spur of the moment, wild ideas! He speaks English, French, Spanish and a couple other languages. We often count on his language skills (and google translate) to get us around.

“Nature Gal”

This tween is wise beyond her years, sensitive, kind, and thoughtful. She loves playing volleyball and tennis, acting, loves frigid polar plunges into icy waters, and can often be found reading a wondrous new book. She will bring you the tween perspective of our travels, with honesty and insight into her favorite travel spots, activities, experiences and more.

“Sports Gal”

The family sports enthusiast, this kid is always up for an adventure! There isn’t a sport she doesn’t play, or a moment of the day where she isn’t doing something interesting. She loves writing, rollerblading, playing goalie with Atlanta United FC, and creating loads of art. She wears fantastic Phonak hearing aids too! This extroverted human will keep you laughing all throughout our shared travels.

What Can You Expect From Us?

An honest look into how our family plans worldwide travel, from affording the travel, to safety measures, to packing and planning activities.

Details on each of our adventures; the gear we actually use, the insider tips for accommodations, activities, experiences, and more!

Advice on Worldschooling, Homeschooling, Unschooling, and the overall educational experience of world travel.

Ultimately, we want to inspire you to take that next trip! And make some special memories!

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