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Old Montreal, Quebec

Welcome to the World Adventures Travel blog! Our family of 4 (plus pets!) started out as a pretty typical, traditional family. Our home base is Atlanta, Georgia USA.  BeachDad and I have always worked location-dependent jobs, our kids went to school from preschool through 2nd grade, and we were on the path to living a happy, albeit slightly boring, life.


On the How We Did It page you can read more about our journey from traditional family to full time travel family.


For now, though, we wanted to say Hello! and introduce you to our World Adventures Travel family.  Our goal is to live a life of location-independence.  Of full time world travel, full time family, and lifetime learning and adventure. We will share with you the destinations we love, how to Worldschool and Unschool your children, and the gear we use daily.


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BeachDad grew up in cold, snowy Montreal, Quebec.  His dad immigrated to Canada from Chile, and his mom from Barbados.  BeachDad grew up skiing, playing hockey and football, and going to traditional private schools.  The place where he feels most at home in the world is floating in a clear, blue ocean.  Must be the Bajan blood in him!

BeachDad and I met when we were both working at a summer camp in Franklinville, New York. He was a head lifeguard, and me, the lowly lifeguard lackey.  Needless to say, we didn’t spend much time working that summer.

BeachDad moved back to Atlanta with me after a few years of dating, and has become a US Citizen, although he says his heart will always be with the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.  We try to attend as many hockey games as we can here in the hot south, but its really not the same.  He is an amazing Dad to NatureGal (formerly PinkLady) and SportsGal (formerly SoccerGal), and always agrees to my wild and untraditional ideas (hello homeschooling! worldschooling! and fulltime travel!)

BeachDad speaks a few languages, thankfully; English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and bits and pieces of others.  I am banking on his language skills to get us in and out of trouble along the way!


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Hi, it’s me. The person who writes all these posts for you! It was my wild and crazy idea to homeschool the kids a few years back without knowing a single thing about it.  It was also my crazy idea to sell all our things and travel the world.  Hopefully it will all work out…who knows!

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, immigrated to the US as a young child, and have grown up in the suburbs of hot, humid Atlanta, Ga, USA.  I am beyond grateful to have grown up in the USA, and while no country is perfect, I have seen how hard work can get anyone anywhere.

The trait that most defines me at this moment is MOM.  Sometimes I lose myself in being a mom, but I am so thankful for my girls and my family, and remind myself often that they won’t be young for too much longer.

I am also a strong introvert. How do I manage to travel while being introverted? It can be difficult, but I share that journey with you too.

I love reading, meaningful conversations with close friends, debating hot-button topics, learning about all things, talking to interesting people, and reveling in the beauty of nature. I despise small talk and am terrible at it. I am not as adventurous as I would like to be, and hope to get out of my comfort zone more.  I am an introvert, but long to be an extrovert.

I hope to bring you the best content, the most useful real-life tricks and must-know information, and I hope to create a mature community of families who travel together! Remember, “Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone.”

Nature Gal (formerly: PinkLady)

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NatureGal is a wise-beyond-her-years kid.  She is kind hearted, empathetic, thoughtful, and unique.  Rather than jumping in, she observes, calculates, considers and plans.

At the moment, NatureGal is loving tennis, drums, stage acting, swimming, hiking, and playing with friends and her dog, Cooper.

NatureGal is a tween now, and will help me to bring you the tween travel perspective; the good, the bad and the dramatic.

SportsGal (formerly: SoccerGal)

IMG 9658 Edited Who We Are

SportsGal is an exuberant, fun loving, full of energy, fire ball of a kid.  She’s never met a person she couldn’t play with, an animal she wouldn’t touch or pet, or a risky activity she wouldn’t try.

SportsGal currently loves soccer, swimming, martial arts, learning guitar, tree climbing, and dance.  Her happy place is anywhere there are lots of friends to play with outside.

SportsGal is coming off a couple years of back to back surgeries to her ear drums (long story, thank you ear tubes). She recently got her first pair of hearing aids from Phonak, and has been thrilled at the results.  We made a really fun video of her first hearing aid experience, the moment we turned them on, and more on our Instagram page. Check it out, you can’t help but smile!

Cooper & Aussie

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Cooper is unequivocally the BEST dog a kid can have. He is a full standard poodle (no mixes here!), gets more days at the hair salon and spa that I ever did, and is smart as a whip.  He loves swimming in the lake and pool, playing ball, and sleeping on grandma’s leather couch (sorry Grammy).

Aussie, pronounced “ozzie,” is named for the part of the world he comes from.  New Caledonia is an island off the coast of Australia.  SportsGal spent 3 years attending ReptiCon without being allowed to buy a reptile. Ew. In the end, she researched and convinced us that a Crested Gecko was the way to go.  No live bugs to feed, stays small, and lives in a bioactive enclosure that never needs cleaning. Mom was IN.

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