Barbados with Kids-A Local’s Guide

Explore Barbados with Kids Like a Local

Explore Barbados with Kids…Like a Local

Visiting Barbados with kids is truly one of the most relaxing and local vacations you can take.  BeachDad has been visiting the island for over 40 years, as his mom is from Barbados.  Knowing the local customs, ins and outs of the island, and how to explore Barbados with kids on a budget can make your vacation remarkable. Here you will find only the best insider information on exploring Barbados with kids and family.

Barbados is essentially the most beautiful of the eastern Caribbean islands.  It is especially safe, boasts stunning beaches both calm and rough, and is the easiest family vacation you will ever take.  Barbados is the ultimate vacation for old and young alike.  Below are the top beaches, best places to stay, where to eat, how and where to explore, and how to do it on your family’s budget.

Where to Stay in Barbados with Kids

There are a myriad of hotels, studios, all inclusive resorts, luxury resorts and apartments that you can choose from when you travel to Barbados.  Since my mother-in-law is from Barbados, BeachDad and his family have been traveling to Barbados for over 40 years.  If you are looking for high luxury, then head on over to the East Coast, where you will find The Crane. If you want to live like a local, but still be comfortable in Barbados with kids, then stay on the south coast. Keep reading for a specific list of where to stay in Barbados with kids.  

Hint: You don’t need to worry about how to get around. Barbados has cheap and safe taxi service that you can get anywhere on the island. If you plan to explore Barbados, then you can also rent a car easily through a variety of sites.  For the more adventurous families, ask for a “Moke,” an open air vehicle. Remember: in Barbados, you drive on the left side of the road! 

The Best Places to Stay in Barbados with Kids

Our family prefers to stay on the local and walkable south coast, specifically on Rockley/Accra Beach.  For families looking for a luxury stay in Barbados with kids, I highly recommend renting a suite at The Crane on the east coast.  You can find a beautiful spot at any price point in Barbados, and our top places to stay are here.

If you do choose to stay in Rockley/Accra beach, you will have a plethora of conveniences, such as beach shops, pharmacy, restaurants, local fish grills, and more that you can walk to!

The Best Places to Eat in Barbados with Kids

As has been noted, the best luxury meals can be found at The Crane. But, if you are in Barbados with kids and you want to eat like a local, here are my top recommendations.  Read this detailed post for each of these spots.

  1. Quayside Mall, an open-air center with almost a dozen delicious options (and a pharmacy and surf shop!)
  2. Local Stalls on Accra Beach
  3. Oisten’s Fish Fry, for fresh caught fish grilled in the open air market and couple with weekend live music
  4. Chefettes, the local fast food with a twist! Burgers, tenders, ice cream, home-made hot meals and a super salad bar
  5. Indian Grill, absolutely the best Roti on the island and your kids will approve!
  6. St. Lawrence Gap, happening nightlife and artisan stalls
  7. Grocery Stores, the easiest way to stock your accommodations with the basics your kids need

The Best Beaches in Barbados

The beaches in Barbados are top notch. White powder sand, crystal clear waters, snorkeling friendly, and essentially heaven on earth.  When visiting Barbados with kids, I highly recommend a handful of spots.  In our next post, you will find my favorite beaches in Barbados.  This list includes calm shallow wading spots, rough rolling waves, cliffside beauties, snorkeling treasure troves, and water sports adventures.  Whatever your preferences in Barbados with kids are, you will find it at one of these stunning beaches.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures in Barbados

While Barbados truly is a paradise, the best way to get a feel for the island and local culture is to explore these off the beaten path adventures.  When you are ready for a break from the sun and sand, you can take a stroll along the boardwalk, do a local island tour, charter a catamaran ride, shop in the downtown Bridgetown district, take a submarine tour, visit the wildlife reserves or take in a horserace at the famous Garrison.  Visiting Barbados with kids has never been more exciting when you explore like a local.

Barbados with kids is always at the top of our list for a family friendly, local, and safe vacation!