Inspiring & Supporting Families to World Travel, World School, and Find The Joy in Experiencing Life Together.

Our family is here to support yours! Join us as we travel long-term, revel in the beauty and adventure the World has to offer, and ensure our children continue to grow into self-directed and educated young people.

We are an average family who decided to spend more quality time together, raise our children with a hands on global perspective, and find the joy again in experiencing life together.  

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Could You Be a Full-Time Travel Family?

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Making full-time travel happen while Worldschooling our kids was most definitely the scariest part, literally an unknown. How did we, a traditional family with standard means and location dependent careers, finally make world adventures happen? Besides not allowing the challenge to scare us away, we decided with certainty this adventure would be well worth the effort. All things considered, it is!

Download our Complete Guide to planning your Family Gap Year or Full Time Travels.

Need Help Worldschooling? We’ve got you covered.

Our family travels the world. Our goal is to see every continent, on a budget, and with ease. We also educate our kids along the way using a variety of resources and approaches.

Worldschooling, Homeschooling, and Unschooling can be easy. Learn more about how we learn on the go, and the options that exist across the globe!

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Our Favorite Things for Travel & Schooling

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Travel gear and items can be expensive, and rarely live up to their purpose. Here you’ll find the specific travel gear we use as a family, as well as the only tech accessories and toiletries you will need.

Travel light and pack effectively so your family can be comfortable every step of the way! Knowing the best travel tips & tricks can make or break your trip.

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